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The Plan

When I read, I do it as an escape from reality, from the stress that surrounds my life. I read to destress. I read to keep my mind sharp. Since I have started reading, most of the time, daily I find that it helps me understand other’s situations better or have an open mind on things that I may not otherwise would have. Since I have started reading, I have noticed that it has taught me how to read others. I find myself observing others and it does not take long to catch on to certain situations that others either overlook or ignore. Some would say that it has taught me how to become an unofficial detective, because I set back and observe and stay quiet. Most of the time my hypothesis about certain events is usually correct.

I just finished The Plan by Karla Sorens. This book kept me really engrossed throughout the whole story. When I had to stop reading, either to go to bed, to work, or run an errand, or I just simply finished the book, it took me a few minutes to come back to reality. I was so engrossed in the story that it felt real. I really felt the characters emotions.

Erik and Lydia’s story is on that I found wondering what was going to happen next, when is Erik going to admit his feelings, not only to his friends, family, and Lydia but to himself also. It also made you wonder what terrible thing from his past made him feel the way he did. This book had me laughing, crying, frustrated at the characters. The way that Lydia went after what she wanted, she perused her dreams but still managed to be there for others. Even though some things frightened her, she never let that fear get to her, she faced it head on and laughed in its face when she overcame it.

I have read so many books that sometimes the events in the story become predictable, but this is one book that had a few surprises for me. This book also shows that sometimes things can be frightening, but with determination and a support system, the things that you want the most, the things that frighten you the most, are the things that are worth facing those fears for, but you must have the courage to give it all and achieve what you want.

Karla did an excellent job of keeping the readers entertained, while also showing her readers that it is ok to fear as long as you do not allow that fear to control your entire life.

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