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Until You

After reading a book I always wonder what lessons could be taken from a book, especially those that were in the romance category. What can one possibly learn with dirty words and X-rated scenes? Turns out you can learn a lot, a moral to the story if you will to every book you read if you set and think about what the author is trying to say. Set and think about the story behind the naughty, but more entertaining scenes.

In the book Until You by Catharine Maura, the messages that I received is that one, if you allow others to treat with disrespect and/or use you, then you will start believing the things they say. You start thinking that you are not good enough for anyone or anything. You allow others the control of your emotions without even knowing it.

In Until You, the leading characters had known each other for years and considered each other friends. Grayson and Aria are both computer coders, both members of a program to get justice for all those that were wronged or help those that were searching for someone. The program required usernames and each person could hide their identities, so they could be anonymous without the fear of retaliation. They fell in love with each other before even knowing who the other was outside that program, but they also started crushing on each other but with their insecurities about themselves made them hesitate to take their friendship beyond that.

Without giving away too much about this story, it is a great lesson to have. Do not give in to your insecurities, it will cause you to be miserable and distrustful of those that may be trying to help you, that are trying to love you. Instead, use that support system, lean on those that are trying to help you, pick the one closest to you to be your sounding board but also do not tell them so much that they can use it against you. Be careful to show your weakness but do not be afraid of it either because sometimes you could use that weakness to help others with theirs and together you could become stronger.

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